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A Beauty Like You!


A Beauty Like You!


Beauty like you does not suffer

Only dances in the sunshine!

Like sunlight bathing in the sky!


A beauty like you

Makes wonders happen

Like the magics of the heavens!



Your smile is like starlight,

A beauty like you

Brings light out of darkness!



My soul suffers for a glance or touch

While you walk down

The street like a golden image!


I see through your soul

But a silhouette of love

That never ends!


When you smile, I smile with you.

When you cry, I cry with you!

When you laugh, I laugh with you!


A beauty like you

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Why Creativity Demands Persistent and Consistent Thinking and Making? DJ Creativity explains

If you think of writing a few blogs, making a few songs, or creating a book or whatever form of art. Then of course that you have achieved to think and do or make something out of nothing or out of something.

But is this all what Creativity demands from creative people?

So now the question is here, “Have you achieved the full po…

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