6ix9ine stuns his “fan world” with a new…

6ix9ine drops a new song and sets the world on fire. Stunning his “fan world” with a new music video called, PUNANI.

“Nasty, nasty, nasty, yeah” raps 6ix9ine at the intro of the song.

The beat of the song is so moving. And perfect for a clubbing atmosphere that can make any dance floor jump in the air! And any tik-tok user go crazy!

While the music video is colourful, classy, with expensive cars drifting around doing buzzy burnouts. While a large group of “Gs” and his sexy girlfriend, wearing a hot pink, plunging kneck jumpsuit, surround 6ix9ine. As he raps and dances holding big amounts of cash in his hands!

I leave you here with the beginning of the chorus, – see you in the next blog!

Shake it, fat punani-nani, fat punani-nani. That tsunami-nami, that tsunami-nami..

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