A moment of reflection on Incomprehensible Moods! Have you ever felt Empty inside you or Confused by a million different ideas?

Have you ever felt, like you don’t know what you want from life? Like being in a strange mood?

Like, for example, feeling like being lost in the middle of nowhere with your feet on the ground and eyes staring at the immense sky above you?

Have you ever felt so? Strange, or in a moody that is new and incomprehensible?

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Have you ever felt dry with no ideas of what to do? Or confused by millions of different ideas that pervade your mind with a speed that goes beyond the speed of light? Eh?

Well, I didn’t make my questions above in vain.

For I made these questions because I wanted to make a point about what I call, “Incomprehensible moods or feelings.”

So, I think that as such moments in our existence or moods are the expression of a million different reasons that exist in us. And that make us both explode with creativity. But and make us give up all our goals and end up in chaos.

“Why do I think so? One may ask.

I think so because incomprehensible moods tend to make one lazy and unproductive. Still, I think that we have no reason why to worry too much about this.

For moments of laziness, and moments of doing nothing can also be taken as moments of regeneration and reflections for our being.

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Now moments of regeneration, that come by relaxing through different ways, and moments of reflection, that come through thinking in solitude. Like by taking a walk alone with yourself etc. These moments presuppose a boom in thinking.

For they regenerate our beings making us fresh. Like we are after a good sleep. Or dreamy and thoughtful like we are after spending some time alone in solitude.

And it is in as such moments that we detonate our being with a million different and new ideas. Like it happens in a productive day or evening or night.

That’s why appreciate both incomprehensible and comprehensible moods or feelings. For they are part of us. And we need them in order to be creative.

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And at the end, remember that it is through love that we think of Creativity. That’s why we need to love all forms of our moods, comprehensible and incomprehensible.

And move on with our lives by always thinking to create.


DJ Creativity (writer)

@vals.omg (model)