Fashion, Fashion, Fashion! My Philosophy on the Art of Fashion!

Many of us are aware of the song of Ed Sheeran called, Shape of You.

And many of us probably love the beat of this song and the magic of its powerful evocative lyrics.  

But what has this idea of “shape or form” to do with fashion? you ask.

Many of us associate the idea of fashion with the idea of apparel. However, there is something that goes beyond the idea of apparel. And that is the fundamental idea of fashion. That is called, “ shape or form.”

Now, when you speak or write about Fashion, you usually ask yourself, “What am I seeing, beauty, style or forms rendered into art?

In this pic we see, beauty both in the model as a human and we see beauty in the apparel, style and in posture as well.

So the idea of shape or form has deep down to do here with Fashion. For it is in shape that is found “beauty” and it is in shape that we find other components of fashion such as, Silhouette, details, texture, colour, design etc. 

For in shape there is, thinking and making.

Hence, this idea of shape or form is translated into art through the creativity or the creative thinking of style and beauty. And this beauty and style mirror the beauty of people in the catwalks of fashion shows and in the everyday life through what people wear and through the beauty of the human race.

So fashion is not narrowed down to the idea of style or design or beauty or . But rather expanded to the idea of art. That is, it beings with thinking to form ideas and ends with art. 

A photo expressing the idea of Fashion Design. Ideas turning into shape or form!

And obviously the world of fashion is so broad that sometimes you get lost just by thinking of this form of art!