Humans – A Poem by DJ Creativity

Humans are great
But only when they
Know why they are humans.

Humans are great
But only they know what
Values they should follow
And what ideals should lead them

For there is the I
And the above I
That commands me
For what I stand
And for what I live
And for what I am.

Humans are great
But only when they
Feel and think
Of what is human
And lead themselves
Based on what is human.

For humans same humans
Are also ugly vicious and mean
When they lead themselves
With prejudices
When they feed themselves
With false ideas
When they idolise lies and hatred
And death.

Humans are humans
Some are bad and some are good.
So don't prejudge
But study humans based on
And judge actions through
A measure of ideas and ideals.

That's all what I have to say
For now in the now
With this poem of passion
For poetics and what is Humans.