This Dog looks like a human, doesn’t he?

A while ago, I went to visit Box Hill. That is approximately 20 miles far of South-west London. Where I live.

So I neared Box Hill with my car. While glancing at the beauty of its chalky rocks. That were visible from the highway. And then, I passed through some zig-zag roads and steepy slopes. And finally, I arrived at the top of the hill!

There I stopped walking around in amusement and watching the beauty of its woodlands. And the city of Dorking in front of me.

Now, as I was standing upon the hill looking at the city in front of me, there came a dog and sat on his hind legs. Staring at the view like a human being.

He didn’t bother to look at me. But, like a human with consciousness, he kept his distance from me. Sat there where he liked to place his bottoms and his hind legs. And stared straight at the view.

I was shocked. So, quickly I opened my instagram and snapped at his posture.

Wow! Unfortunately I didn’t have my professional camera with me. But still the photo was so good. And the posture of the dog was so artistic and human.

Damn, how intelligent that dogs are! Perhaps that’s the reason why humans love dogs. Because out of loyalty for humans. They are also intelligent!