Why Creativity Demands Persistent and Consistent Thinking and Making? DJ Creativity explains

If you think of writing a few blogs, making a few songs, or creating a book or whatever form of art. Then of course that you have achieved to think and do or make something out of nothing or out of something.

But is this all what Creativity demands from creative people?

So now the question is here, “Have you achieved the full potential of Creative Thinking and Creativity by creating something from a certain field of thinking and making?

Of course that not. Creating something simply means that you have….

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Art and the Artist Event with live performances and more by DJ Creativity

In the  1980s and 1990s, housing prices were cheap around areas like Soho and Chelsea. And artists used to live around these famous places rocking the western civilisation with art and ideas. But since in the late 2000s, where home ownership declined seriously and renting became the fashion of the majority of people in London. Since then, we have seen that Hyper Capitalism has priced…

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An insight into Commercial Song Writing – How to be a top Commercial Song Writer

There are certain figures of speech, that are used in the best poems of all times as well as in the best songs of all times, that make certain forms and structures of song writing so commercial, so magical and so wanted by people. How it happens and why it happens? is the question. It is hard to tell to someone the “how.” Like, what…

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Why the Creator’s true way is Learning, Thinking and Creating?

People think in a universal way somehow like this: I want to be somebody or something in life.  This form of thinking presupposes, a celebrated artist, a famous scientist, a well-known politician, a rich businessman and a million different other things that one can become or achieve in life.  But well, what happens when for a million different reasons, one didn’t become or say one…

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Never Give Up – Life is Love! A Reflection on Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown thinking and doing!

If you asked me to explain the beginning, the middle and the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in pictures. I would express it as follows. The beginning of it for the majority of us was like going for a skydiving and knowing that you have a parachute. So let’s go for it! The middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, had the consequences of a long lockdown…

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