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Be Inspired to inspire – How to Inspire yourself in a way that inspires the world

The first question of this philosophical essay has to do with our theme. And it asks; “How can you inspire yourself in a way that inspires the world?

A model staring at art works.


A short answer is this; By seeking for inspiration from different multidimensional ideas one finds inspirational ideas. And transforms ” these inspirational multidimensional ideas” into inspiring ideas through the power of human thinking. And that is logical.

Well, the above answer obviously is too succinct. And not properly elaborated with examples. So we need to elaborate a bit more the ideas of this philosophy to show “the how.”


Looking at art works for inspiration .


Now to begin with my elaborative examples; We learnt from above that “the how” begins by seeking knowledge of different forms.

But here one may ask, “From where shall we seek these different forms of knowledge?

Obviously, these different forms of thinking and doing or different forms of  knowledge that can be sought for inspirational reasons are arts, sports, philosophy science, the business world.


And a multidimensionality of different other ideas in our world that can be withdrawn from conti…

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