Art and the Artist Event with live performances and more by DJ Creativity

In the  1980s and 1990s, housing prices were cheap around areas like Soho and Chelsea. And artists used to live around these famous places rocking the western civilisation with art and ideas.

Some champaign please and art!

But since in the late 2000s, where home ownership declined seriously and renting became the fashion of the majority of people in London. Since then, we have seen that Hyper Capitalism has priced artists out of London. Creating a generation of renters. And replacing artists with business people and tourists.

Nothing wrong with that, but this has hurt the class of creatives or artists, dreamers who work and create, and dream to make the world a better place through their ideas.

So being young and creative has been unaffordable for many of us to live in Central London.

So, we do not live anymore in famous areas of art and fame or around a certain place. Like we used to do in the 1980s or 1990s, when house prices were cheap.

Thus, now we have scattered around London and meeting an artist is as rare as meeting our tiny aQueen!

London an attractive city that people love to visit from across the world!

So the question is what is Art and the Artist Event about?

Art and the Artist  Event is an idea created by Dj Creativity that intends to connect or unite art and artists or these two ideas in all contexts in a certain place in time and being in London.

For artists are everywhere and nowhere. Hard to see meet, collaborate, grow, participate and make a better London.

So I want to bring in an event these two ideas art and the artist together. With live performances and a place where we meet each other, exchange ideas, party, collaborate and make London a better place.

The event can start with models, designers and stylists showing their clothing lines or other creative ideas. Then continue with poets, and finish with Djs, singers and rappers.

So fashion models, musicians, painters, singers, poets, all of you artists  are welcome to come to connect, to party and participate and create for a better London.

For this event is a showcase for art and artists. An event where djs can play music, rappers rap, poets recite, singers sing, fashion models take a pose or model around, dancers dance and so on.


So join the movement, join the vibe, join Art and the Artist Event, that is organised by DJ Creativity! And let us rock this city with our sounds and create!