Re-born as a Player! DJ Creativity speaks: What’s my take on life?

So, what’s my take on life? Or better say, what is life about for me as a DJ and writer?

Sometimes, I think that life is all a joke. And it is a beautiful joke that can turn sour at any moment if you forget how to live it. Or if we forget to live life as it should be lived.

Hmm, is what I said, thought-provoking a bit now? Maybe a little bit?

So the question is here, How can we live our lives in a way, that
this beautiful joke of ours or our individual lives never turn sour or bad?

DJ Creativity acting like a player!

Now, first of all, allow me to say that if you take everything seriously in life, then you lose the charms of the joke. You lose the laughter of life. The joy of life.  And the delights of life.

Hence, I suggest we be cool, kind, and dazzle others with love for life and humanity. And to live life in this way means to see life like “a beautiful joke.” That never turns sour, sad or bad. And that makes you laugh all the time…

Myself! Myself through this way of thinking, I am re-born as a player!


DJ Creativity