Human Kindness – How many of you have it?

Many people think through an arrogant confidence that they are great, kind or highly educated!

But the reality shows them to be different. And their actions even expose them as unkind.

So, how comes that facts are so bitter?

The truth is that no one is born educated, cultured or learned. However each of us is educated, cultured and learned in a certain way.

And thus, the difference between those who are kind and those who are unkind is based on the above philosophical thinking.

That means, that one may have been educated, cultured and learned with kindness. But many others may not have had as such moments or opportunities that taught them “human kindness” in life.

For even though one may have been educated with plenty of literature and large amounts of maths. That doesn’t suppose that one is learned with human kindness. So?

So, hence, I ask, “how many of you have Human Kindness in your souls?”

For as we explained above, the quality of “human kindness” is not inborn but learned through education, culture or individual learning.

Therefore, I suggest that you, who have acquired this quality of Human Kindness in life, keep spreading it. And you, who don’t have it, work to acquire it. And be kind.

For kindness is not born in humans nor is it taught in schools. And therefore it is only won by learning of it.


DJ Creativity