Just Create!

The point of existing lies in the point of creating or creativity.

Now what I am saying here is simply an inspiring philosophy or an accentuation of what has been done so far in the human history by humans. And that intends to give a message to those who still do not believe in their human power.

To begin with, allow me to say that as a matter of fact the history of art is flooded with works of art from all over the world. Works of art that show off in each time and in each epoch of the human history.

Works of art that we see by our naked eyes in the museums of art, watch them on TV or read them in the history books.

Well, but what do these works of art tell us? one may ask.

These works of art tell us that humans have been always creating and they are still creating their world.

So, wake up open your eyes, see the world around you and mirror it through thinking and making.

For my philosophy that says, “just create,” means to think, create and mirror your own world.

And today through our social media, this way of thinking is achievable more than ever.

For one can show his or her ideas in a blog, blog, and from every possible social media outlet.

But what ideas, shall we create or tell? one may ask?

Each day is a different day. And a different day creates

There is a world of politics and a world of entertainment that is waiting for creative people to create them each day. There is justice and there is freedom. And there are all forms of arts that wait people to think, practice and create.

So, don’t be lazy, wake up and shine by just creating your world around you!