MOOD by 24KGOLDN FT IANN DIOR, how can I rate it?

Things that make me love writing about music and artists is one, melody. Second vibe. Last but not least, it is catchy lyrics that repeat in my mind like homework do to anxious students!

And yes, the trap-rnb song, “Mood by 24KGOLDN FT IANN DIOR, has just that. Good melody. Great vibe and catchy lyrics that stick in your mind like being chewing gums to your mouth! Or like resin to your hands!

Mood realeased on 24 07 2020 stands in the UK top 10 charts. And it has climbed the American top charts, Billboard Hot 100, to number 6! Thanks to Tik Tok users that have detonated with its vibe! Yeah!

Also the trap-rnb pop-tinged hit has smashed the YouTube views with a record of 25 milion number of views!

That’s quite a smashing Hit, right? And it is just the beginning!

Now, I leave you rate the song by reading its chorus that is so magical!

Why you always in a mood?
Fuckin ’round, actin’ brand new
I ain’t tryna tell you what to do
But try to play it cool
Baby, I ain’t playing by your rules
Everything look better with a view….