Why Communication is an Art? DJ Creativity Explains

When you bring to mind the idea of communication, you bring to mind a means that conveys ideas from one being to another being.



Now imagine yourself in front of a jumble of letters trying to pick up the right letter to form the right word that would express your idea?



Further, imagine another example here, a novice painter versa a Picasso-like painter?

And after this, imagine, a human being or humans who have a very limited ability of expressing themselves. And imagine in front of them a human who is able to express oneself in different ways and is able to smile, laugh, joke and even educate.

If you imagine these examples, you will  easily see that in “Communication is thinking and creativity and art and knowledge.”



However, in here, of course that  I am not speaking about communication with animals that would attack you physically or threaten one verbally. Here, then, I am speaking of a thinking humanity that tries to get the best out of communication and give their best.


So now the question is; “What does one need to know in order to master the “art of communication?”


One needs to know psychology. For the beginning of “communication” is