Why the Creator’s true way is Learning, Thinking and Creating?

People think in a universal way somehow like this: I want to be somebody or something in life. 

This form of thinking presupposes, a celebrated artist, a famous scientist, a well-known politician, a rich businessman and a million different other things that one can become or achieve in life. 

But well, what happens when for a million different reasons, one didn’t become or say one didn’t achieve what one set out to achieve?

Covid-19 is a very fresh and good example to show in relation to what I am about to express here. 

For Covid-19 has made many of us understand that life should not be taken as you think it should be. For that ideal is robotic and plastic. 

So then, taking life as it shows or as it unfolds in front of you shows as an example to be more resilient, all-encompassing and human. 

What I said does not mean, one should not think to become somebody or something in life.

Contrariwise, what I said means that one as a CREATOR thinks to always be in the action of learning, thinking, and doing something for a better world. That is, creating.


Hence, Creator’s way is but learning, thinking and creating.

And these are the building blocks of my religion. That is called, Creativism Religion.