Big Up for the Talented Rapper, KA – The Next Big Thing that is coming to Disturb London Town!

When you hear KA, you think he sounds like he is born rapping with a mic in his back pocket. As his lyrics flow so naturally out of his mind, like say, KA is born thinking of rap! And killing it from day one!

Essentially, here I mean that the talent of the rapper KA is reminiscent of the way big rap names come into the world of rap! That is, talent and hard work!

KA ready to disturb London Town!

Talent where and what? you ask.

The talent of KA can be seen at his first tune and first music video called, Trappers Life. Where his flow and delivery stand out as the building blocks of his artistic character.

Yet, his new upcoming trap-grime song and music video called “Cash” is something of a different level. That will stand like a tabloid of his talent and hard work. And will show even more of KA.

For KA’s upcoming tune, Cash, that will be released on 18th 08 2021, is a big club banger, which all of you will love. And rewind it more than once! For its catchy lyrics, and the rhythm of its clubby beat are captivating. And magical.

Now one may ask: who is, KA?

KA is a new Slim Shady, but with a different style and unique in his talent.

KA looking at the future with a vision and a plan!

As a writer, when I write of upcoming talented artists, I like to speak of their talents rather than their origins. Like many creative writers do.

At the end, one’s talent has nothing or say very little to do with one’s origin.

So, let us speak of a very crucial component of being a rapper.

Has KA got the rap flow? A quality, that is, the X factor in the world of rap. And that make one look like firepower in a warehouse, ready to explode with a million different ideas.

Rap flow that make an artist feel both the beat, the energy and the lyrics that one artist expresses.

And yes, KA’s flow is impeccable. His lyrical content flows so naturally out of his mind that radiates energy through words. Like a firepower.

Ej, we are coming to party! KA chilling!

His delivery is unique with a style of his own. Thing which makes KA different and new in the artistic scene. And exactly what the world of art needs to hear from new artists.

So the flow and delivery of KA are impeccable. While his style is something that is different from what we hear and see.

And that’s what an artist needs to have in order to separate himself from the crowd of the many. That is, the uniqueness of style. And the difference of skill.

So, big up for the talented rapper, KA – The Next Big Thing that is coming to disturb London Town!

Artist but also a REBEL! Big up for KA!