An insight into Commercial Song Writing – How to be a top Commercial Song Writer

There are certain figures of speech, that are used in the best poems of all times as well as in the best songs of all times, that make certain forms and structures of song writing so commercial, so magical and so wanted by people.

How it happens and why it happens? is the question.

Commercial Song Writing!

It is hard to tell to someone the “how.” Like, what to write and how to write. For here we enter into one’s personal feelings and thoughts.

And here we also enter into personal tidal inspiring unique moments. Where lows and highs of one’s feelings bring ideas out of nowhere and create what is called, art content or creation.   

But let us be honest at the end, even some rap lyrics or rap songs, who sound most of the time so brutal, have plenty of figures of speech.

And the main figure of speech that I identify in commercial “song writing” of all forms are alliteration, anaphora,  similes, and metaphors.

So the “how,” I think is in learning the literary components of song writing, studying best commercial songs and never dropping your pen down. That is, continually creating.

An artist writing.

Now, when I say “commercial” I hope you understand me. For here I mean lyrical content that is easy remembered, that sticks to mind and that is liked by many for entertainment purposes.

Drake’s songs, for example, like Hotline Bling. Or Rihanna’s songs, like Umbrella, or Beyoncé’s songs, like Single Ladies. That have surpassed billions of song plays across the world!

Drake in action at Hotline Bling music video!

And people still remember for their sticky or contagious way of expression. That is achieved through the use of certain figures of speech or literary devices.

Now, the contrary of what is commercial is a level of “song writing” that is poetically achieved or philosophical and has a great meaning.

Like for example, if we go to high-end, top quality content songs, like, “Imagine,” written by John Lennon. Songs which have made history. And that have a philosophic bearing in their essence.

John Lennon – a legend!

So, in short, commercial song writing mainly contains four figures of speech, alliteration, anaphora,  similes and metaphors.

So master this art, and good luck to all of you! And yes don’t forget to subscribe to my “Fine Arts” blog!