Freedom Day! Today, 19th July 2021, the world of entertainment celebrates Freedom!

Today, 19th July 2021, is deemed by many as a Freedom Day! And rightly so.

For 16 months ago certain changes in our laws took our freedom away because of Covid-19. And now today we celebrate the changes in the same laws that bring Freedom back to our social actions. So 19th of July 2021 is a Freedom day then!

A photo from a live concert.

What did it mean to entertainment industry making nightlife illegal?

Statistics from show that nightlife made 92bn in turnover in 2019. And was one of the biggest industries in this country called, U.K.

So of course that a return to nightlife is emotional in terms of economy, work and creativity of people who continue to believe in this powerful industry. That entertains, employs and fills with energy the people of our country!

How does FREEDOM come you may ask?

Of course that Freedom in a social world is taken and given by laws. For those who make our laws make the rules whether we like it or not!

So, according to government laws in the U.K from today, 19th July 2021, night clubs can reopen. And there is no limits by law on the number of people attending events.

A photo from a show time!

So, hurray, for Freedom. Some clubs have been opened from 12:00 a.m on the 19th. Some other clubs are being opened tonight.

So, hurray for freedom, go and party and have fun, what are you all waiting for? For this is a day of Freedom for many of us, who exist in the world of entertainment. And that make a living out of this industry!

Let us celebrate Freedom, then! And let it be so!