Never Give Up – Life is Love! A Reflection on Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown thinking and doing!

If you asked me to explain the beginning, the middle and the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in pictures. I would express it as follows.

The beginning of it for the majority of us was like going for a skydiving and knowing that you have a parachute. So let’s go for it!

Let’s go for a skydiving – the feeling of the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown!

The middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, had the consequences of a long lockdown and it seemed like this. 

No more parachute on you!

Like having your parachute in the middle of the sky removed suddenly. And thus feeling overwhelmed or confused from the power of the surprising occurrence!

While the end of the pandemic was like feeling that you have been surfing all day, and during this experience, you fell on water more than once. And you couldn’t wait for the next day – the day the coffee shops, restaurants, pubs and other social activities would be open!

Like falling while surfing was the end of the Covid-19 pandemic!

The soul of humanity is subtle and resilient, and it bounces back. However, we also need to understand ourselves and the pain that we went through. So we fare towards the future better and stronger. And teaching love for life is the purpose of this blog. 

What was my personal experience? you may ask!

To be honest at the beginning of the pandemic, I was thinking that I was strong. And I considered it like going for a skydiving. 

But for different reasons, it came to pass that the lockdown was stronger than me. And then suddenly, I felt like going for a skydiving and having my parachute removed while in the air. 

So, in the over 4 months of national lockdown, which here in the U.K partially continues, I felt less energetic. Not at all myself. Not willing or perhaps unable to live up to my creative desire. And sometimes not even wanting to do anything or even exist.

And here I ask, why did this happen? What is or what was going wrong?

We exist in a world of Humans. In the world of movement. Where we think to

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