The Class of G Easy is something of a different level!


When you read the lyrics of G Easy one may say,
“Oh well! Do lyrics matter in here? Cause all I love here is but
the beat of the song, the voice of the artist and the general vibe.

This is what G Easy writes, basically:

“Don’t go too far, don’t try too hard, bitch, don’t reach like (Uh)
Drugs got me on a level, lockjaw, I got slow speech
I’m courtside, I got floor seats next to Rihanna like “Oh sheesh!”

G Easy, The Plan!

G Easy on The Plan tune photo shoot!

But well, who is G Easy? This is the question.

A rapper that has stacked 7.95 million subscribers on YouTube and that has accumulated 8.7 million followers on Instagram. And a rapper that has made the waves across the internet world with his classy rap flow, right?


G Easy rapping with perfect delivery of his lyrical content!


G Easy has a slow speech, like he says. He has a baritone
range of voice and a perfect pronunciation of his lyrical content.
And as contagious is his rap style as the rap style of the legend, Snoop Dogg!

So, what makes G Easy a star basically is not a great voice but a great delivery.
And a flow that at times is between perfect and imperfect. 

G Easy on the scene doing his thing!


G Easy is not an Eminem of course nor a Busta Rhymes. 
But his delivery, his style and his flow make G Easy a rapper with a level and class of his own! 

That is a different level and a new thing that I am talking about here in my FINE ARTS BLOG! 

So enjoy the trance-like rapping of G Easy! And Happy Days!

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G Easy – a new Legend is born!